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Fad Gadget

The Best Of Fad Gadget

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Released: 9th Sep 1999


The Best Of Fad Gadget


  1. Back To Nature
  2. The Box
  3. Ricky's Hand
  4. Handshake
  5. Fireside Favourites
  6. Insecticide
  7. Make Room
  8. Lady Shave
  9. Saturday Night Special
  10. King Of The Flies
  11. Life On The Line
  12. 4m
  13. For Whom The Bells Toll
  14. Love Parasite
  15. I Discover Love
  16. Collapsing New People
  17. One Man's Meat
  18. Luxury
  19. Collapsing New People (Berlin Mix)
  20. Fireside Favourite (I Monster's Toasted Crumpets Mix)
  21. Swallow It (Regurgitated)
  22. Love Parasite II
  23. Luxury (Remix)
  24. For Whom The Bells Toll III
  25. I Discover Love (Extended Version)
  26. Sleep (Electro-Induced Original)
  27. Life On The Line (Version II)
  28. One Man's Meat (Remix)
  29. Immobilise (Foot Binding Trot Mix)
  30. Collapsing New People (London Mix)