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Shida Shahabi


130701 / FatCat


Released: 19th Oct 2018



Released: 19th Oct 2018


Haunting and intimate, this piano and drone set from shahabi is the sort of subtly striking minimalism that slots in alongside johannssonn, richter and frahm.

There’s a touch of the sustain-heavy intimacy of grouper’s instrumental work too, with each note carefully placed for maximum effect. It’s an absolutely astonishing achievement given that this is the debut album from the young Swedish / Iranian pianist / composer – she’s spun a perfectly balanced world to get lost in without a hint of excess. From start to finish, there's a sense of honesty and humble warmth seeping through every note. Revealing a wonderfully fluid sense of touch and melody, it is simply beautiful, warm, homely music with a big heart. "this is a half-submerged music that rewards the attentive ear" - mojo



  1. Abisme
  2. Smygkatt
  3. Petula
  4. Pretty In Plums
  5. Dawning and Wind
  6. Vassen
  7. Epilog
  8. Afterword