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Yves Tumor

Safe In The Hands of Love



Released: 12th Oct 2018


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Released: 12th Oct 2018


Here the provocative carver of ambiguous modern soul-pop electronic beauty chisels out his most accessible music to date, on an ‘I like it but don’t quite know why’ masterstroke.

Contemporary r&b, experimental soundscapes, future-pop, broken skittering beats, and mesmerizing loops all come to the party on a dense and rewarding listen that simmers with an uncommon vitality. It confounds with its dark sound abstractions one moment and restrained, personal moments the next, and you can be sure you won’t hear anything else like it this year, or any other. riyl oneohtrix point never, lotic, laurel halo, and dedekind cut - but don't try and pin a genre to this one! “a benchmark in experimental music. It is searing and borderless, music that is aware of oppressive confinement, and music with an intoxicating urge to be free” 9.1 - pitchfork

Safe In The Hands of Love


  1. Faith In Nothing Except In Salvation
  2. Economy of Freedom
  3. Honesty
  4. Noid
  5. Licking An Orchid ft. James K
  6. Lifetime
  7. Hope In Suffering (Escaping Oblivion & Overcoming Powerlessness ) ft. Oxhy, Puce Mary
  8. Recognizing The Enemy
  9. All The Love We Have Now
  10. Let The Lioness In You Flow Freely