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solo project

PANIC ATTACKS ARE REAL!!! (and so are monsters)

self released

very limited (50 only) CD in eco friendly sleeve + sticker

Released: 2nd Nov 2018


very limited (20 only) cassette with alternate artwork + download

Released: 2nd Nov 2018


Brighton native Raf Batchelor has created a magnificent bedroom pop opus that’ll strike a chord with Bon Iver, Thom Yorke & The National’s quieter moments.

Having been recorded in steps over the last 5 years, it’s a crystalline, lo fi songwriter masterpiece that has grown in isolation. Over the course of those years, it’s apparent songs have been written and rewritten, recorded and rerecorded so what we have left here is concentrated, original and divorced from the frames of reference we’d usually use. If you’re listening for touchstones, you’ll find everything from Radiohead to Twin Peaks, but in reality It’s an island out on it’s own, a wonderfully realised and carefully considered gem.  "This album was the closest I could get to describing and documenting the mental spirals that take place when going headfirst into a burnout or breakdown. To anyone else going through this, you’re not alone and you got this. Love, Solo Project x"; "something inside so strong" - barry evans

PANIC ATTACKS ARE REAL!!! (and so are monsters)


  1. Save it for the Lonely
  2. s p i r a l l i n g
  3. All Night/Sleep
  4. Silver Sail
  6. talk about it in your blog
  7. song for p1
  8. coldteaa
  9. Wide Awake/Never Mine/1000
  10. n i g h t m a r e s
  11. Hyperion Hotel
  12. A Flurry Of Summer Thoughts
  13. > b r e a t h e <