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The Dandy Warhols

Why You So Crazy



Released: 25th Jan 2019



Released: 25th Jan 2019


Giving new meaning to the word ‘eclectic’, The Dandy Warhols return with their tenth record ‘Why You So Crazy’, a woozy, disorienting, yet ultimately satisfying ride through the mind of Courtney Taylor-Taylor and the gang.

Suitably diverse for a band celebrating twenty-five years in the music business, ‘Why You So Crazy’ pulls influences from Fred & Ginger, David Bowie and Don McLean, the group describe it as “a surrealist vision of an alternative reality”, or perhaps more accurately, “a world gone batshit crazy”. With elements of BJM psych-rock drifting in, as well as the same easy genre-shifting approach to music as Beck, there is something here for everyone. “The sense of a band doing whatever the hell they want” MOJO


Why You So Crazy


  1. Fred N Ginger
  2. Terraform
  3. Highlife
  4. Be Alright
  5. Thee Elegant Bum
  6. Sins Are Forgiven
  7. Next Thing I Know
  8. Small Town Girls
  9. To The Church
  10. Motor City Steel
  11. Forever
  12. Ondine