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Bendik Giske




Released: 25th Jan 2019



Released: 25th Jan 2019


this mesmerizing debut takes us on a true journey through the euphoria and wanderlust of nights spent clubbing — using little more than his voice, his saxophone, and a few well-placed microphones to create something much bigger than the sum of its parts.

Playing saxophone since the age of 12, giske pushes the boundaries of the instrument in a way that will delight lovers of colin stetson. He and his producer have conceived of the method in which they placed tiny microphones over the saxophonist’s instrument and body, right down to being able to capture his breathing between notes. The results are dizzying, stirring, exciting, and somehow deeply evocative of nightclub decadence. “techno-tinged avant-jazz from berlin, heavy on hedonistic sax…a truly wild trip” 8/10 - uncut



  1. Ass Drone
  2. Adjust
  3. Up
  4. Stall
  5. Hole
  6. Through
  7. High
  8. Exit