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Steve Kilbey

Sydney Rococo

Golden Robot Records


Released: 14th Dec 2018



Released: 14th Dec 2018


Steve Kilbey is Australian contemporary music royalty.

A prolific artist who has written, performed and produced 21 solo albums, as well as 30 with rock legends The Church. His artistic oeuvre spans more than 45 years, and reaches outside the world of music, flowing in a cellular formation through his poetic lyrics into his psychedelic art paintings and far beyond. Steve has published 3 books (with a new one in the works), composed and written 750 songs, has conjured lyrics of biblical proportions, poured out plenteous poetry and imagined and realized hundreds of original paintings.

Sydney Rococo


  1. Sydney Rococo
  2. Distant Voices
  3. When I Love Her She Sings
  4. Nineveh
  5. The Wrong One
  6. Achilles Heals
  7. A Night Is Coming
  8. Sydney Morocco
  9. The Lonely City
  10. Lagoon
  11. Traitor Signals