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bella union


Released: 12th Apr 2019


2LP + download

Released: 12th Apr 2019


creating delicate expanses of lustrously dreamy synthpop, lowly’s follow-up record is more vividly realised and broader in scope than their already promising debut.

Warmly received by the likes of Pitchfork and Uncut and elsewhere, the Danish quintet’s debut was a feast of dramatic dream-pop. Yet ‘Hifalutin’ is more ambitious still. With each band-member’s input emphatically felt, ‘Out Beyond’ locates a sweet spot between the synthetic and the organic in its interplay between trance-y synths and Spanish guitars. The momentous crescendo of ‘Children’ and the strange pulses of ‘ii’ showcase Lowly’s powerful, experimental range; meanwhile, the echoing piano of ‘Delicate Delegates’ finds them at their most beautiful. Fans of mammut, samaris, or Susanne sundfor’s electronic period, will be delighted by this album.



  1. Go For A Walk
  2. Stephen
  3. Baglaens
  4. Staples
  5. i
  6. In The Hearts
  7. Out Beyond
  8. Children
  9. ii
  10. Delicate Delegates
  11. Selver
  12. 12:36
  13. iii
  14. Wonder