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Bear's Den

So that you might hear me



Released: 26th Apr 2019


limited heavyweight lp + print + gold foil detail

Released: 26th Apr 2019


the london band’s third album soars with emotional heft, charged folk rock instrumentation and shimmering synth-pop flourishes; truly a sound to behold.

A need for connection lies at the heart of this record. Both bold and exposed, intimate yet expansive, the first two tracks are a perfect example of this: ‘Fuel On The Fire’ pulses and blossoms from the visceral throb of drum machine beats and electric guitars into an orchestral beauty that showcases the more electronic side of the band. This is juxtaposed with the bewitching “Blankets Of Sorrow" that demonstrates the more intimate Bear’s Den sound and explores themes of familial love and of trying to reach someone who can no longer be reached. Fans of matthew and the atlas, dry the river, frightened rabbit anmd Stornoway will love it!

So that you might hear me


  1. Hiding Bottles
  2. Fossils
  3. Fuel On The Fire
  4. Breaker / Keeper
  5. Not Every River
  6. Laurel Wreath
  7. Crow
  8. Conversations With Ghosts
  9. Evangeline
  10. Blankets Of Sorrow