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Mike Patton & Jean-Claude Vannier

Corpse Flower


cd + rainbow effect seleve

Released: 13th Sep 2019

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limited smoky swirl 180g lp + rainbow effect sleeve + download

Released: 13th Sep 2019


An emotive and ambitious journey here that recalls mick Harvey & nick cave’s dark, drama filled moments of the 90’s.

It’s always a big risk when artists so distinctive and well known in their own worlds come together like this, but thankfully it’s played off. Patton’s deep baritone recalls tom waits at points, and floats and dances above vannier’s cinematic orchestrations. A distinctive, audacious and thoroughly well executed project.

Corpse Flower


  1. Ballade C.3.3.
  2. Camion
  3. Chansons D'Amour
  4. Cold Sun, Warm Beer
  5. Browning
  6. Hungry Ghost
  7. Corpse Flower
  8. Insolubles
  9. On Top Of The World
  10. Yard Bull
  11. A Schoolgirl's Day
  12. Pink and Bleue