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Liam Gallagher

Why Me? Why not.

warner records

cd (pre-order)

Expected Release: 20th Sep 2019


deluxe cd (pre-order)

Expected Release: 20th Sep 2019


lp (pre-order)

Expected Release: 20th Sep 2019


limited indies only colour 140g lp (pre-order)

Expected Release: 20th Sep 2019


Liam Gallagher make a typically full-throttle return.

"It is HEA-VY. Like heavy, as in makes you wanna, it’s like a bulldozer man. Heavier than that. Then there’s one called ‘Once’ which is more of a ballad-y kind of a Pink Floyd, Bowie kind of thing which is mega". Liam wrote lead single ‘Shockwave’ with two of the key collaborators behind the all-conquering ‘As You Were’ album: Andrew Wyatt, who won the Academy Award for Best Original Song as co-writer of ‘Shallow’ from the film ‘A Star Is Born’, and the multiple Grammy-winner Greg Kurstin who also produced the track. It was recorded in Los Angeles. Liam Gallagher’s debut solo album ‘As You Were’ was a critical and commercial smash. It debuted at #1, out-selling the rest of the Top 10 in the process, and was soon certified Platinum. Liam was back where he belonged, selling out huge outdoor shows and earning major awards from Q, NME and GQ.

Why Me? Why not.


lp & cd - 11 tracks

deluxe cd - 14 tracks