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World Citizen

Exilophone Records

limited signed cd

Released: 6th Sep 2019



Released: 6th Sep 2019


limited signed indies only white lp

Released: 6th Sep 2019


It’s been worth the wait – the return of my life story is just as lushly orchestrated, forward thinking and innovative as you’d hope.

Having spent the 90’s firmly planting themselves against the reductive formula that britpop had a tendency to encourage, they’ve not let up in their drive to make ambitious, touching pop here on their return. As Jake says: “I’m really proud of the album, it sums up where the band is today and is a modern take on My Life Story. It progresses well from our last album twenty years ago and fans will see enough of the MLS they know and love but in the real world of today”.


World Citizen


  1. #NoFilter
  2. Taking On The World
  3. Broken
  4. Sent From Heaven
  5. The Rose The Sun
  6. The One
  7. Telescope Moonlight Boy
  8. World Citizen
  9. A Country With No Coastline
  10. Overwinter