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Thumb World

fire records


Released: 21st Feb 2020


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lp + download

Released: 21st Feb 2020


limited indies-only deluxe arcade edition gatefold pink lp + sticker sheet + download

Released: 21st Feb 2020


A kaleidoscopic and electronically explosive soundtrack for an imagined 80’s arcade game centred on our most opposable of digits – the thumb!

Bold, weird, wild, wired, sonically luxurious yet never losing touch with its DIY-‘til-I-die roots, Thumb World is a voyage to the outer rings of Pictish Trail’s mind at its darkest, funniest and most inventive – a plugged-in, fuzzed-out, fucked-up contemplation on, as he puts it, “life repeating and gradually degrading, the inevitable cyclical nature of things, and the sense of there, ultimately, being no escape”

FFO: King Creosote, Animal Collective, Hot Chip “sounds as though it’s being played on an ‘80s games console on the point of exploding” 8/10 - Uncut

Thumb World


  1. Repeat Neverending
  2. Double Sided
  3. Pig Nice
  4. Lead Balloon
  5. Fear Anchor
  6. Slow Memories
  7. Bad Algebra
  8. Heart Eyes
  9. Turning Back
  10. Thumb World