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Sonne und Wasser

where to now?

LP + download

Released: 1st Oct 2019


endeavouring to express the quietly powerful, glacial growth of a plant, these four pieces represent one fluid, evolving idea formed from the tranquil silences in between sonic waves.

 this lp presents a continuation & development of his unmistakable brand of meditative Pulse Minimalism. In his own words… “I wanted to express the plant that was slow, quiet, powerful, and full of vitality. In an attempt to express the world of one plant, the four songs that make up this album are all based on the first one, ‘Nymphaea’… The melody, chord and tone throughout become familiar, and each change of scene is expressed by subtly changing the arrangement and development of sounds. This is intended for when you want to feel like a plant, or as an indoor soundtrack - I want the music to be played so that it decorates the plants within a room.” The beauty of Takahashi’s work lays in his commanding ability to stop you in your tracks via a force that is barely there, embracing the use of space & silence to deliver a deep & considered trip.

Sonne und Wasser


  1. Nymphaea
  2. Pollen
  3. Photosynthese
  4. Wurzel