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New Brigade



Released: 5th Sep 2011



Released: 5th Sep 2011


‘new brigade’s 12 songs rush past, long enough to hit you in the chest & short enough to make you wonder what happened.

this one’s been kicking around for a while on a number of different labels but now, it finally gets an official uk release courtesy of the mighty xl. hailing from copenhagen, denmark, the band’s debut album contains 24 minutes of undiluted anthemic stress & tension. “a recording whose snare hits & basslines announce themselves with real fury. all these lurches & groans & crashes & bangs & stutters & roars come together to form one consistently rousing, emotionally immediate whole” 8.4/10 – pitchfork, “mediates the fury of young manhood with the icy genre savvy of an avant-garde oldster with crates of factory records white label singles & early sst 7- inches” – los angeles times, “elevates overlooked continental genres like swedish d-beat & anarcho-punk to near-mythic status” – the new yorker.

New Brigade