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Ghost People



Released: 10th Oct 2011



Released: 10th Oct 2011

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the dutch dj weaves moody dubstep with futuristic techno beats on his sophomore album.

‘ghost people’ marks martyn’s first release through flying lotus' label brainfeeder & it shows an evolutionfrom the irresistible sound of his highly acclaimed debut, ‘great lengths’. from the ghostly, urban beat-poetry of spaceape on the opener ‘love & machines’, the tracks flow sublimely, making this release feel more like an ‘album’ than its precursor. we drift through the cold, industrial melodies of ‘viper’ & the acid rhythms & heartfelt synths of ‘masks’ & ‘distortions’ to clubbed out bass music, propelled by codeine-junglist breaks & driving, emotive house & half-step garage. this producer’s real talent lies in giving personality & poignancy to club music through a mastery of melody & carefully chosen synths, that feel remarkably organic, creating an overall sound that breaks your heart as you twitch your toes to the beat. “indefinable, chameleonic music that breathes in history as deeply as it dodges petty pigeonholes” – bbc music.

Ghost People