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bottomless pit

death grips bottomless pit

cd + booklet - £11.99 | Buy
lp - £18.99 | Pre Order

sacramento, california’s premier experimental industrial hip hop group are back with their 5th studio album & right from the blast beats on its opener, it doesn’t disappoint.

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  • ...Presents Vinyl Adventures from Istanbul to San Francisco

    tim burgess / various artists ...Presents Vinyl Adventures from Istanbul to San Francisco

    limited signed cd - £9.99 | Buy
    limited signed white 2lp - £20.99 | Pre Order
    white 2LP - £20.99 | Buy

    an incredible, eclectic swab through the weird and wonderful finds of tim burgess from record shops around the world – there’s no defining genre her...
  • Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel

    chris robinson brotherhood Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel

    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    2LP - £29.99 | Buy

    classic rock bathed in the Californian sun with a heavy dose of Americana – the former-black crowes vocalist’s 4th album is awash with contagious la...
  • sweetz

    zomby & burial sweetz

    limited 10" - £7.99 | Buy

    it’s finally here – the collaboration between two of the uk’s most innovative producers is everything you could have hoped for.


    cd - £9.99 | Buy

    the east London singer-songwriter’s brilliant debut is sleek & utterly contemporary – r&b meets with electronica, funk, jazz & pop acros...
  • people on the high line

    NEW ORDER people on the high line

    cd - £6.99 | Buy
    limited (500 only) shaped picture disc 7" - £11.99
    white 12" - £9.99 | Buy

    one of the many highlights of the phenomenal ‘music complete’, ‘people on the high line’ is arguably the funkiest track new order have e...
  • The Cobra Lamps EP 

    The Cobra Lamps The Cobra Lamps EP 

    CD - £6.99 | Buy
    green 12" - £12.99 | Buy

    an irresistible dip into psychedelic garage from one of london’s go to guitar men – having worked with everyone from primal scream to edwyn Collins ...
  • Fleshed Out

    gazelle twin Fleshed Out

    2lp + download - £18.99 | Buy

    one of 2014’s most acclaimed, independent electronic albums is autopsied and re-animated tracks by 10 exceptional producers – including carter tutti...
  • Circle Of Light – Original Electronic Soundtrack

    Delia Derbyshire and Elsa Stansfield Circle Of Light – Original Electronic Soundtrack

    limited (500 only) black lp - £21.99 | Buy

    A highly important and unreleased soundtrack created in 1972 by musician Delia Derbyshire and artist Elsa Stansfield.
  • pigeonheart

    DM Stith pigeonheart

    lp + download - £14.99 | Buy

    stith’s first solo work since 2009’s ‘heavy ghost’ exists in a haunting world all of its own creation with a grizzly bear approach to in...
  • chaleur humaine (us import version)

    CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS chaleur humaine (us import version)

    limited import blue lp - £29.99 | Buy

    utterly individual pop from Nantes-born Héloïse Letissier who, having Moved to London in 2010, found herself drawn to the art & theatre underwor...
  • New Gold Dream

    Simple Minds New Gold Dream

    1CD - £6.99 | Buy
    deluxe 2CD - £13.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £19.99 | Buy
    super deluxe 5CD+1DVD - £43.99 | Buy

    newly re-mastered fifth studio album by the Scottish rock band - originally released in 1982, it was a turning point for the band as they gained critical and co...
  • Power Child

    night beats Power Child

    7" - £6.99 | Buy

    one of the crucial cuts off of the stellar shop favourite ‘who sold my generation’ is packaged here with an exclusive b side.
  • Viola Beach

    Viola Beach Viola Beach

    cd - £11.99 | Buy

    Sparkling indie pop brimming with infectious guitar lines, dynamic vocals & drums rhythms that’ll get your body moving – the Warrington group&rs...
  • LP3

    Alto! LP3

    lp + download - £17.99 | Buy

    over the course of five years this trio of guitarist Derek Monypeny alongside drummers Kyle Emory & Steven Stone have evolved into a fierce and explorative ...
  • till the tomb

    Beaty Heart till the tomb

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £18.99 | Buy

    sun-kissed indie synth pop edged with smooth r&b , jammed full of silky vocals, sparkling synths & analogue tones – the second album from the Lond...
  • i'm a freak baby...

    VARIOUS ARTISTS  i'm a freak baby...

    3CD - £20.99 | Buy

    an astonishing alternate look at the entire concept of psychedelia that encompasses so much more than the paisley revolution.
  • Hypercaffium Spazzinate

    DESCENDENTS Hypercaffium Spazzinate

    deluxe cd + 5 bonus tracks - £12.99 | Buy
    indies only silver lp + download - £19.99 | Buy

    milo’s back – 12 years on from their last effort they’ve decided to go right back to the start – in their words it’s a return to &...
  • galactic zoo dossier vol. 10

    galactic zoo dossier galactic zoo dossier vol. 10

    magazine + cassette - £17.99 | Buy

    a bumper issue of the iconic cult mag here – ‘The Interview Issue’ has been four years in the making and includes all-new Gods and Maiden trad...


    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    lp - £14.99 | Buy

    back after a five-year hiatus, the Canadian duo’s 3rd is driven by distorted drum beats, hauntingly hypnotic synths & booming cinematic soul – t...
  • red deer people

    red deer people red deer people

    cd - £2.99 | Buy

    pulsing, unrelenting bass and rhythm that feels claustrophobic, swans like clattering expansive breaks and an underlying sense of real menace – one of the...

Best Sellers

  • theyesandeye

    Lou Rhodes theyesandeye

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £16.99 | Buy

    for her 4th solo album Rhodes draws on her singer-songwriter roots, embroidering them with a rich palette of stark piano, vocal layering, transcendent harp and ...
  • Love & Hate

    Michael Kiwanuka Love & Hate

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    2LP - £20.99 | Buy

    with production help from inflo and dangermouse, kiwanuka’s sophomore sees the London soul crooner working towards a more expansive, psychedelic r&b s...
  • Cheetah

    Aphex Twin Cheetah

    cd + sticker - £7.99 | Buy
    12" + sticker + download - £12.99 | Buy
    very limited (250only) indies only cassette - £11.99

    fully laid back summer vibes galore on this excellent ep from richard d james - taking its name from the synthesizers james used to create the record: the Cheet...
  • a moon shaped pool

    Radiohead a moon shaped pool

    cd, gatefold sleeve with silver foil cover - £9.99 | Buy
    limited standard 2lp, gatefold sleeve with silver foil cover+ download - £19.99 | Buy

    on their 9th album, thom & co have delivered a record that is overwhelmingly beautiful, sad & uplifting all at the same time - it's everything you n...
  • Chaleur Humaine


    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    clear lp + cd - £19.99 | Pre Order

    utterly individual pop from Nantes-born Héloïse Letissier who, having Moved to London in 2010, found herself drawn to the art & theatre underwor...
  • Kuiper

    floating points Kuiper

    12" + download - £9.99 | Buy

    a spacious, jazz laden electronica 18 minute epic – if you loved ‘elaenia’ then you need to check this out.
  • teens of denial

    car seat headrest teens of denial

    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    2LP + download - £24.99 | Buy

    for his 13th album 23-year-old indie auteur Will Toledo shifts away from the lo-fi bedroom pop of his previous releases to something approaching classic-rock gr...
  • IV

    BadBadNotGood IV

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    gatefold 2lp + download - £16.99 | Buy

    the hip hop jazz band's fourth record continues their forward thinking progression, sounding something like a jam session in space between Can, John Coltran...
  • hit reset

    THE JULIE RUIN hit reset

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    limited white lp + download - £18.99 | Buy

    they’re back! Kathleen hanna’s garage surf punk troupe the Julie ruin have returned with an incendiary album of political, poetic rock n roll.
  • Red Earth & Pouring Rain

    Bear's Den Red Earth & Pouring Rain

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    lp - £18.99 | Buy

    startlingly progressive folk rock from the london band - an album cloaked in the lush alchemy of ‘70’s and ‘80’s FM rock: Fleetwood Mac,...
  • The Bride

    Bat For Lashes The Bride

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    limited magenta coloured gatefold 2lp + download - £25.99 | Buy
    gatefold 2lp + download - £22.99 | Buy

    this emotionally charged, deeply affecting, theatrical concept album from natasha khan will send shivers down your spine, through the heartbreaking lyrics &...
  • wildflower

    the avalanches wildflower

    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    limited 2lp + cd - £19.99 | Buy
    limited deluxe quadruple gatefold sleeve, 180g 2lp + poster + CD - £23.99 | Buy

    it may have taken sixteen years to follow up ‘since I left you’ but ‘wildflower’ could not have been better timed – it’s a p...
  • 99.9%

    KAYTRANADA 99.9%

    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    2lp + download - £19.99 | Buy

    shimmering, soulful melodies, infectiously funky basslines & dilla-esque beats – the hatian born, montreal raised producer’s debut album deliver...
  • Oddments Of The Gamble

    nonkeen (Nils Frahm, Frederic Gmeiner, Sebastian Singwald) Oddments Of The Gamble

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £20.99 | Buy

    a gorgeous summery jazz laden odyssey from frahm and co here that dips it’s toes in everything from post rock to house while maintaining a lush, gorgeous ...
  • Light Upon the Lake

    whitney Light Upon the Lake

    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £16.99

    Whitney make casually melancholic music that fuse the wounded drawl of Townes Van Zandt, the otherworldliness of The Band & the slack groove of Pavement.
  • Summer 08

    METRONOMY Summer 08

    CD + bonus disc - £9.99 | Buy
    lp + cd + limited print & bonus disc - £16.99 | Buy

    slick, neon, disco-synth-prog is where joseph mount & co have taken the ever-evolving metronomy sound on their effervescent 5th album.
  • The Mountain Will Fall

    DJ Shadow The Mountain Will Fall

    cd + stencil & sticker - £11.99 | Buy
    gatefold 2lp + stencil, stickers & download - £23.99 | Buy

    experimental hip-hop exploring new realms alongside the deep samples and kinetic soundscapes that shadow's known for.
  • the hope six demolition project

    pj harvey the hope six demolition project

    limited 6 panel digipak cd - £11.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £21.99 | Buy

    harvey's ninth album is an anthemic and intense record about the world in 2016; taking the temperature of our times as she recounts all she saw during her t...
  • Ellipsis

    BIFFY CLYRO Ellipsis

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    digipack cd - £13.99 | Buy
    standard lp + download - £16.99 | Buy
    indies exclusive clear lp + download - £21.99 | Buy

    angular riffs, pummelling rhythms and strident hooks galore alongside biffy's almost absurd ability to write big ol' fists in the air choruses.
  • currents

    TAME IMPALA currents

    cd - £6.99 | Buy
    ltd indies only purple & yellow 2lp - £22.99
    2LP + Download - £21.99 | Buy

    kevin parker is back with a different kind of psych; one with beats, bright lights and disco influences - it's the australian doing what he does best and th...

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