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Too Many T's

South City



Released: 15th Sep 2017



Released: 15th Sep 2017

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their shared rapping duties create a building energy as their voices overcut and support each other and with sharp, yet sparse, backing, theirs is a lean, mean and hugely affecting soyund.

But it’s now time for the T’s to step forward & take centre stage with ‘South City’. Produced alongside Flux Pavilion and Odjbox, ‘South City’ is one of the freshest hip-hop albums to come out of the UK, with a high-energy sound that will appeal to music lovers around the globe. “a lyrical dexterity recalling an amphetamised Beastie Boys” The Line Of Best Fit.


South City


  1. South City Court
  2. Sixty’s Ford
  3. Hang Tight
  4. Sira’s Biscuits (skit)
  5. Diamonds Gold (Ice, white & black)
  6. Neighbours
  7. 1992 pt.3
  8. Panther
  9. Super Soaker (skit)
  10. Tearing Us Apart
  11. FM Mangal (skit)
  12. God Save The T’s
  13. Patt erns
  14. Start The Fire