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Open Mike Eagle

Brick Body Kids Still Daydream



Released: 12th Jan 2018


limited oxblood 12"

Released: 12th Jan 2018

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Deftly contemplating gentrification, culture and family, the indie-rapper’s conversational rhythms and understated backing make for an intricate and engaging listen.

A multi-talented performer, the comedian, artist and rapper approaches music with a postmodern technique, making the audience look at themselves through the lens of his art. his last solo album release, 2014’s ‘Dark Comedy’ was included on SPIN and Rolling Stone’s “Best Rap Albums of 2014” list. If you like madlib, Aesop rock or golden rules, consider yourself right at home with open mike eagle. “Armed with a caustic wit and a poetic eye, Open Mike Eagle builds a small, quiet monument to a housing project in Chicago across a diverse and singular piece of contemporary hip-hop” 8.1 – pitchfork.

Brick Body Kids Still Daydream


  1. Legendary Iron Hood
  2. (How Could Anybody) Feel At Home
  3. Hymnal (feat. Sammus)
  4. No Selling (Uncle Butch Pretends It Don't Hurt)
  5. Happy Wasteland Day
  6. Daydreaming In The Projects
  7. Brick Body Complex
  8. TLDR (Smithing)
  9. Breezeway Ritual
  10. Wedding Ghosts
  11. 95 Radios (feat. Has-Lo)
  12. My Auntie's Building