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Guvna B

Hands Are Made For Working

Allo Mate Records


Released: 18th May 2018


Two-time MOBO award winning East London Rap artist Guvna B, releases powerful album ‘Hands Are Made For Working’ inspired by his late Father.

With support from BBC Radio 1Xtra, Complex & GRM Daily, ‘Hands Are Made For Working’ highlights themes of fatherlessness, grief, youth culture and faith over epic beats and thought-provoking lyricism. Guvna B has achieved much in his young years; winning two MOBO awards, selling out venues across the world, accumulating impressive numbers of views and streams as an Independent artist and writing a bestselling book. With a career full of high's, it’s fair to say 2017 was his most challenging year yet. The talented wordsmith lost his Father quite suddenly and the experience knocked him sideways. As he tried to come to terms with his loss, he found a sentence his Dad would often say, come back to comfort him. HAMFW contains wisdom from lessons learned and reflections on finding hope and faith in difficult times. ‘Everyday’, the first single from the album, speaks about Guvna’s determination to take the rough with the smooth in life and to not give up. The follow up single, ‘Been Hustling’, speaks about Guvna’s journey to discovering what true success means, and 'Dun All The Hype’ featuring Melvillous speaks into the issues of youth violence prevalent in the UK’s capital in recent times.

Hands Are Made For Working