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Bugzy Malone


Ill Gotten Records

3CD (pre-order)

Expected Release: 25th May 2018


In the space of just three EPs, Bugzy Malone has established himself as one of grime’s major artists – and he’s certainly the biggest force in the genre to come from outside of the capital.

Now he marks the first chapter of his career with ‘Trilogy’ which is out on May 25th. Released on triple-CD, ‘Trilogy’ combines his three Top 10 EPs on a physical format for the very first time. It features ‘Walk With Me’ (#8, 2015), ‘Facing Time’ (#6, 2016) and ‘King of the North’ (#4, 2018). Tracks from the three EPs have already accumulated 126 million streams at Spotify alone. Collated together, ‘Trilogy’ charts three key moments in Bugzy’s ascent: ‘Walk With Me’ was his first introduction to a much wider audience as he implored his fans to follow his journey – especially with the darkly autobiographical ‘M.E.N.’ which acted as an alternative home city anthem for Manchester. He used the following year’s ‘Facing Time’ as a metaphor, drawing parallels with his previous imprisonment with the limitations that come with fame. It was also a release that found Bugzy growing in confidence and artistry, especially with the ambitious visual for ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Finally, ‘King of North’ confirmed his self-appointed coronation as a reality. The likes of the title track and ‘Bruce Wayne’ demonstrated that Bugzy remained as uncompromising as ever. Yet the ‘Wonderwall’ referencing ‘Memory Lane’ – officially sanctioned by Noel Gallagher – demonstrated his ability to craft huge anthems with widespread crossover potential. “How cool is it to be able to release a trilogy?” says Bugzy. “As I kid I liked to collect hardback comics and football sticker books, and I think releasing this kind merchandise makes for something more special than just streaming the tracks. It’s a journey - we’ve taken my body of work, put them together and packaged them in a cool way. It’s memorabilia. I want one!”