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Schoolly D

Saturday Night! The Album (Bonus Tracks Edition)

Funky Town Grooves


Released: 13th Jul 2018


Schoolly School and DJ Code Money came equipped with bigger, better drum machines, rapid fire scratching and discovered the joy of dropping quirky cartoon sound bites atop their patented dusted funk samples.

“We Get Ill” and “Dedication To All B-Boys” are hard anthem highlights, while “Parkside 5-2” continues “P.S.K’s” ode to his philly neighbourhood, and the title track “Saturday Night” is the kind of sleazy tale of misogyny that puts Schoolly D (along with acts like NWA and 2 Live Crew) in hot water with many parents, critics and community leaders. Originally released on Schoolly’s own label and distributed by hand (and heavily bootlegged), the tracks from Saturday Night! The Album received wider exposure when it was re-released on LP format via Jive Records in 1987. The album was everything Schoolly D was all about: funk, lose rhymes and attitude. The only problem, it was never given a proper release on CD, until now.

Saturday Night! The Album (Bonus Tracks Edition)


  1. Housing The Joint
  2. We Get Ill
  3. Do It Do It
  4. Dedication To All B-Boys
  5. Get N' Paid
  6. Dis Groove Is Bad
  7. Parkside 5-2
  8. B-Boy Rhyme And Riddle
  9. Saturday Night
  10. It's Krack
  11. Saturday Night (Radio Version)
  12. Saturday Night (Instrumental)
  13. Housing The Joint (Radio Mix)
  14. The Magoomba Mix
  15. Housing The Joint (Instrumental)
  16. Parkside 5-2 (Radio Edit)
  17. Parkside 5-2 (Instrumental)