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Progeny: Seven Shows From Seventy-Two


14 cd boxset

Released: 25th May 2015

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Yes was firing on all cylinders in the fall of 1972 as these 7 sets easily prove - Even though the setlist didn’t vary much from night to night, the individual performances are strikingly different.

This comprehensive set comes in a cigarette-style flip top box with new artwork by Dean. This was Yes’ first tour with drummer Alan White, who’s been with the band ever since. He replaced Bill Bruford, who recorded Close To The Edge before leaving to join King Crimson. White only had three days to learn the band’s live show before his first night on stage with Jon Anderson (vocals), Steve Howe (guitar), Chris Squire (bass) and Rick Wakeman (keyboards). Recorded three months into the tour, these powerful performances attest to how quickly the new line-up came together musically as they navigate hits like “Roundabout,” and complex pieces like “And You and I.”

Progeny: Seven Shows From Seventy-Two


  1. October 31, 1972 Toronto, Canada
  2. November 1, 1972 Ottawa, Canada
  3. November 11, 1972 Durham, NC
  4. November 12, 1972 Greensboro, NC
  5. November 14, 1972 Athens, GA
  6. November 15, 1972 Knoxville, TN
  7. November 20, 1972 Uniondale, N