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the lucid dream

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holy are you


Released: 23rd Sep 2016

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Released: 30th Sep 2016

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venturing into pastures new again, the carlisle new-psych band bind tripped out abandonment to dancey komische grooves & dark dub.

'Bad Texan' sees them sees the band move into dancefloor meets Krautrock. The Krautrock/kosmiche groove is also present alongside new-wave in the 2-part opus 'Nadir/Epitaph'. '21st Century' is quite appropriately the nearest the band get to a protest song, a 2-minute white noise/garage/rockabilly blast, inspired by a heavy dose of Beastie Boys listening. Elsewhere, the bustling of 'The Emptiest Place' is Morricone meets 60s L.A, 'Stormy Waters' bows to the melodies of The Stone Roses/The Byrds, warping them with a sinister twist in the vein of Spiritualized. The album’s showpiece however comes via the 8-minute space-dub of 'I'm A Star In My Own Right', as the band hit a full on Kingston, Jamaica dub/groove, set as it is to contorting, reverb-fuelled passages.

compulsion songs


1. Bad Texan
2. Stormy Waters
3. I'm A Star In My Own Right
4. The Emptiest Place
5. 21st Century
6. Nadir
7. Epitaph