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Sherwood & Pinch


On U Sound


Released: 24th Feb 2017


2lp + download

Released: 24th Feb 2017


the 2nd collaborative album between the legendary dub producer Adrian Sherwood & Bristol dubstep don Rob Ellis, aka Pinch sees them blend & subvert each other’s signature sounds even more effectively than before.

From the jittery funk of 'Roll Call' to the industrial drone of 'Charger', the junglist rave-up of 'Juggling Act' to the cosmic wisdom of the Lee Perry voiced 'Lies', the furious synth-grime of 'Gun Law' to a languid breakbeat cover of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s 'Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence', this is a diverse yet cohesive work. Tooled equally for the dancefloor & home listening, the body-blow of the sound system stack & the intimacy of headphone meditation, it features guest appearances from Lee “Scratch” Perry, Martin Duffy (Primal Scream), Taz (Dizzee Rascal) & Skip McDonald (The Sugarhill Gang, Tackhead).



CD Tracklist

01. Roll Call

02. Itchy Face

03. Midnight Mindset

04. Lies

05. Unlearn

06. Man Vs. Sofa

07. Charger

08. Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

09. Juggling Act

10. Retribution

11. Gun Law

2lp tracklist

A1: Roll Call

A2: Itchy Face

A3: Midnight Mindset

B1: Lies

B2: Unlearn

B3: Jazzy Geoff Cakes [VINYL ONLY EXCLUSIVE]

C1: Charger

C2: Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

C3: Juggling Act

D1: Retribution

D2: Gun Law

D3: Man Vs. Sofa