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lee gamble

Mnestic Pressure



Released: 20th Oct 2017



Released: 20th Oct 2017


the rave dreamer resets his hardware for his hyperdub outing, a sharper, harder and more melodic sound for our money, that wrestles and wriggles with a uniquely seductive energy on this flowing set.

there is a restless, arrhythmic biggie-smalls vibe to these uncommon sub-workouts, that boomerang around in that compelling way recent material from laurel halo and oneohtrix point never tends to. like those two auteurs, gamble fully transcends his aesthetic roots here, the club a distant (if vital) memory amongst the rubble of these cerebral missives. a vital and truly hallucinogenic trip. “an astonishly febrile, vivid collision and projection of jungle and ambient structures.” - boomkat

Mnestic Pressure


  1. Inta Centre
  2. Istian
  3. East Sedducke
  4. 23 Bay Flips
  5. Swerva
  6. Quadripoints
  7. You Hedonic
  8. UE8
  9. Locked In
  10. Ignition Lockoff
  11. A Tergo Real
  12. Ghost
  13. Déjà Mode