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Belief System



Released: 13th Oct 2017



Released: 13th Oct 2017


this jungle and rave-inspired record comprises 23 tracks recorded between 2014-2017 using sounds from archives that date all the way back to 1993, layering atmospherics, unhinged modular work and contact microphone recordings as well as the introduction of stark soundtrack pieces for a hypnotic listen.

The album follows the six-track ‘Stairfoot Lane Bunker’ EP, which was made up of tracks taken from his ‘FABRICLIVE 91’ mix CD, both released in early 2017. Back in 2015 Woolford teamed up with XL Recordings to release the three-EP ‘Modern Warfare’ series. we recommend if you like autechre, shed and object.


Belief System


  1. Chrysalis
  2. Adel Crag Microdot
  3. Catacombs
  4. Tiresias
  5. Sanctuary
  6. Change
  7. Curtain Twitcher
  8. Scrambled In LS1
  9. Make It Real
  10. Brainstorm
  11. Leviathan
  12. Replicant (Nexus 7 VIP)
  13. Cheyne Stoking
  14. Light In The Darkest
  15. Hour
  16. Carex Vesicaria
  17. Advent
  18. Witness
  19. Transmission
  20. Reckoning
  21. Qoriqzona
  22. Five Lane Ends
  23. Ouroboros
  24. In Loving Memory