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Youth & Power

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Released: 27th Oct 2017



Released: 27th Oct 2017


striking a balance between robotic Kraftwerkian simplicity and soulful organic pop, he contrasts various pitch-shifting and abstracting vocal effects with sharply concise lyrics to create an absorbing experimental pop record.

 here, he completes his transformation from off-kilter dance music producer to futurist pop visionary. Wrenching his music free from the ‘confines of computer grids’ and pushing melody to the forefront, the record’s texturally rich, psychedelic palette is littered with live-played synths, electric guitars, drum machines, processed noise and “some under-loved 70s home keyboards”. this is also his debut as a vocalist, also scrapping samples in favour of live instrumentation and hook-laden songwriting laced with myriad influences. if you like james blake, mount kimbie, or slugabed, check this guy out!

Youth & Power


  1. Youth & Power
  2. Near Water
  3. Devils
  4. Saint
  5. White Roses
  6. Salt
  7. Hold
  8. Trust
  9. Permanence