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Not Waving

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Released: 27th Oct 2017



Released: 27th Oct 2017


The London- based Italian artist’s emotional but fiercely optimistic LP of skewed cathartic dance pop sees him fine-tuning 20 years of recording and rave experience into a vibrant, pop- ready statement that’s never before felt so urgent.

this represents the most ambitious album in his own unique catalogue, a discography that features acclaimed work as part of Banjo or Freakout and Kompakt techno duo Walls. It abandons the sensitive streak hinted at on ‘Animals’ to pursue a creative hunch for concision and social unity. This new perspective drives the album’s flux of emotions and guides what some may find to be a utopian outlook, wrapping his trademark experimental urges, clever song arrangements and winking edits in a larger narrative.

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  1. I Love Trance
  2. Me Me Me
  3. Children Are Our Phuture
  4. Walk Of Shame
  5. Where Are We
  6. Teach Me
  7. Forever
  8. Her Quality
  9. Interested Going
  10. Watch Yourself
  11. Tool [I Don’t Give A Shit]
  12. Roll Along With The Pain Of It All