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Released: 17th Nov 2017


originally broadcast live in 2011, this legendary set was recorded onto cassette tape by a (naughty) listener and has now been remixed and mastered for our listening pleasure.

Having already made history by single-handedly bringing back UK garage, the stars of BBC’s BAFTA-winning comedy ‘People Just Do Nothing’, Kurupt FM, have decided to do it again with the greatest mix ever recorded - according to them. this is a journey across an entire CD, documenting the seminal tracks that have shaped club culture from Hammersmith Boulevard to the Champagne Steam Rooms. Featuring MC DJ Beats and MC Grindah and mixed live by Steves, it’s over an hour of UK Garage, Grime and 100% Kurupt originals, including Suttin' Like That. it features Zinc, Wookie, SIA, Agent X, Wiley, Dizzee Rascal etc.



  1. Chabuddy Intro - Kurupt FM
  2. It’s A Kuruption Ting - Scott Garcia x Kurupt FM
  3. Try Me Out (Let Me Lick It) - Sunship
  4. 138 Trek - DJ Zinc
  5. Down On Me - Wookie
  6. A Little Bit Of Luck - DJ Luck & MC Neat
  7. I Don’t Smoke - DJ Dee Kline
  8. Decoy - Agent X
  9. Little Man (Exemen Remix) - Sia
  10. Pulse X - Youngstar
  11. Smooth Operator (Kurupt FM Remix) - Ross Young & RB
  12. Messin Around (Wideboys Remix) - Once Waz Nice
  13. Standard Hoodlum Issue - E.S.
  14. Dubs
  15. Suttin Like That - Kurupt FM
  16. Functions On The Low - XTC
  17. Hard ft Newham Generals & David
  18. Rodigan (Kurupt FM Dubplate) - Breakage
  19. Eskimo - Wiley
  20. Cash Beat AKA : Hoods Up Dub - Jon E Cash
  21. Creeper - Cage & Danny Weed
  22. Ho - Dizzee Rascal
  23. Oi - Platinum 45 ft More Fire Crew
  24. Igloo - Wiley
  25. Go DJ - Jammin
  26. Get Out The Way (Spooky Remix) - Kurupt FM