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laurel halo

Hour Logic

hippos in tanks


Released: 1st Dec 2017

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Largely ignoring vocals & rigid structures, she seizes instead the provocative digital sludge explored in ‘Antenna’ & runs with it in a direction few would have expected.

Essentially, this sounds most reminiscent of the ambient material found in late-’80s-to-early-’90s hardcore, extrapolated into full songs. ‘Aquifier’ high-end twitters with bird-like gestures, drifting glassy pads & synthesised vox, underpinned by a persistent, spasming, auto-filtered motif. the title track, with its restrained thumping 4/4 rhythm & understated hissing acid bassline, is a mesmerising, pulse-driven exploration of ambient tension. the final track rounds off the record with a beatless, smeared haze of synthesised, string-like pads & long, lilting vocalisations over a tense, reedy, modal harmony. if you like holly Herndon, Kelly lee owens, Fatima al qadiri or actress, check this out!

Hour Logic


  1. Aquifer
  2. Constant Index
  3. Head
  4. Speed Of Rain
  5. Hour Logic
  6. Strength In Free Space