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The Ordinary Man



Released: 19th Jan 2018

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the third solo album from the hip-hop producer delights in (relatively) old-school cut-and-paste beats and samples in the tradition of j dilla and madlib, with some great vocal spots from mc’s old and new.

this record is totally chill, casting a slick spell of dusty ballrooms and mid-century American nostalgia. Although quite dark in tone, the album is reliably playful and absurd, taking a shadowy story and combining it with the most polished production we've seen from L'Orange. “the overall vibe of the album is cartoonishly spooky and fun rather than truly dark, depressing, or disturbing…constantly full of surprises, The Ordinary Man is L'Orange's most impressive magic trick yet” 8/10 - allmusic

The Ordinary Man


  1. Third Person
  2. Blame The Author (feat. Del The Funky Homosapien)
  3. The Everyday Illusion
  4. Parlor Magic
  5. The Difference (feat. Blu & Elzhi)
  6. The Love/Hate Relationship Between Rabbits & Magic
  7. Suspension
  8. Stage Magic
  9. Things Are Just Props (feat. Koreatown Oddity)
  10. Cooler Than Before
  11. Plastic Fame (feat. Chuuwee & Solemn Brigham)
  12. Anywhere Is Just Everywhere I Haven't Been Yet
  13. The Misery Routine
  14. Look Around (feat. Oddisee)
  15. When I Vanish
  16. Broken Wand Ceremony