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DJ Katapila


awesome tapes from africa

12" + download

Released: 23rd Mar 2018


the latest addition to the iconoclastic producer's catalogue of fast-paced, pan-West African-influenced dance music.

his debut release with Awesome Tapes From Africa - 2016's reissue of ‘Trotro’ - ignited international acclaim for the Ghanaian DJ and producer, from the likes of The New York Times, Pitchfork, Resident Advisor. The song “Aroo” uses his earlier song “Cocoawra” as a jumping off point and expands upon its endearing quick-rhythmed interplay of vocal hiccups and percussive clinks. Katapila thinks of “Aroo” as a simple math equation: “Francophone rhythms plus techno equals so hot and danceable.” Awesome Tapes From Africa is proud to present new music from this unmistakably original artist with an honesty and unpretentiousness that feels good at this current point in history. fans of professor rhythm, om alec khaoli and ata kak should check this out.



  1. Aroo
  2. African Techno
  3. Ghana Baby DJ
  4. Monkey