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The Third Eye Foundation

Wake The Dead

ici d'Ailleurs


Released: 30th Mar 2018

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Released: 30th Mar 2018


they’ve crafted a throbbing, hypersensitive dubstep that is deeply intuitive, communicating on a primal level, resulting in a deeply engrossing experience.

the album’s abstract compositions are without a format & thus implicitly participate in the deconstruction of the imaginary, of all logical forms which we sometimes cling to without even knowing why. It's a journey that never really ends like an infinite but unstable loop that lets itself be invaded by the thousand details revealed with each listen. Its melodic variations instil themselves without us realising & then progressively change our perception of the work as might a story that seems to repeat itself but in reality is never really the same. This means the album could only be instrumental. Words have no place here except to confuse matters a little further. Fans of autechre, mouse on mars, Tim hecker & demdike stare need to hear this.

Wake The Dead


  1. Wake the Dead
  2. Procession for Eric
  3. The Blasted Tower
  4. Controlled Demolition
  5. That's Why
  6. Do the Crawl