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Paul De Jong

You Fucken Sucker

temporary residence ltd.


Released: 18th May 2018



Released: 18th May 2018


the acclaimed composer and cofounder of beloved experimental collage-pop duo the books, is back with a new album full of unbridled anger, unpredictable tension and innovative soundscapes that are sure to grab your attention.

Over the course of its 14 tracks – which range in length from 15 seconds to nearly 10 minutes – he blends complex instrumentation acoustic and electronic instrumentation that begin to submit to violent waves of unhinged screaming whilst also exploring also field recordings, found sound, subtle R&B and lo-fi prog-metal.

You Fucken Sucker


  1. Embowelment
  2. It’s Only About Sex
  3. Doings
  4. Dimples
  5. The Wind
  6. Almost Doomed
  7. Doomed
  8. Pipe Dream
  9. You Fucken Sucker
  10. Wavehoven
  11. Goor
  12. The Jar Bell
  13. Johnny No Cash
  14. Breaking Up