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ZZK Records


Released: 8th Jun 2018



Released: 8th Jun 2018


the eclectic producer spins a hypnotic spell of sounds on his debut solo release: A multi-layered assemblage of deep and rich electronic textures from around the world.

think Auntie Flo, Nicola Cruz, Clap! Clap! And Populous. his music has thoughtful nuance and textural depth, exploring a rich organic palette of sounds that will easily appeal to fans of Nicolas Jaar, Pantha Du Prince and John Talabot too. the album reflects his experiences in both the Latin American and Afro-Latin diasporas. Most of the sounds on the album are field recordings done by Uji himself, compiling a vast sound bank over the years on his global travels, including a wide array of instruments from his collection such as; congas, cununo, marimba, balafon, charango, bombo leguero, sonajas, as well as analog drum machines, samplers, synthesisers and vocals.



  1. Jenga
  2. Alborada
  3. El Colapso Suena
  4. Kiok
  5. Corina Lawrence - La Descarri (Uji Remix)
  6. Camino De Nacar
  7. Gondonga
  8. Familia
  9. Maloka
  10. Petrona Martinez - La Varita De Mariangola
  11. Milagros (Uji Remix)