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Elevate Records


Released: 7th Sep 2018


After 4 years in production, worldwide DJ sets, a BBC Radio 1 show and running his record labels, it’s with huge pleasure that Elevate Records announce Friction’s debut album 'Connections'.

The LP takes off with nods to past and present. ‘Commotion’ featuring Jem Cooke is an early indicator of a DJ/Producer with a solid understanding of sonics and songwriting. ‘Ultrafunk’ is a high octane dancefloor blast with Metrik jumping on board as co-pilot. ‘Dancing’ then provides the delectable soulful vocal of JP Cooper. The perfect balance of emotion and energy, it’s destined to be taking flight across the airwaves this summer. ‘Mad In The Jungle’ ft Doktor has been busy treading tracks while ‘Blue’ struts through showcasing old school vibes aplenty. 'Fall Away' takes the pace down with floating vocals from Indiana and is a blissful layover from the journey so far. We pick up the pace again with ‘Running’ featuring Raphaella. Hitting the tarmac at serious speed this one is a straight up floor filler highlighting Friction’s ability to control the rave. A long time Junglist, his tale wouldn’t be complete without the roots laced ‘Forever Dub’ - Kiko Bun smashing lyrical duties. ‘Killing Me’ harnesses Rothwell’s vocals into a low-end hike which transfers seamlessly into ‘Stinker’ featuring Riko Dan & Tantrum Desire - already an underground powerhouse. With its crisp nostalgic pianos, ‘All Nite’ lands on the familiar ground and brings ‘Connections’ to a close. With previous singles picking up extensive support from the key tastemakers of dance music, these chart- topping tracks were merely a snippet of Friction’s journey. Traveling through radio airwaves to dance floors to festival arenas, you won’t be able to escape the love and support from Friction and his debut album.



  1. Connections
  2. Commotion (ft. Jem Cooke)
  3. Ultrafunk (ft. Metrik)
  4. Dancing w/ JP Cooper
  5. Mad In The Jungle (ft. Doktor)
  6. Blue
  7. Fall Away (ft. Indiana)
  8. Running (ft. Raphaella)
  9. Forever Dub (ft. Kiko Bun)
  10. Killing Me (ft. Rothwell)
  11. Stinker (ft. Riko Dan & Tantrum Desire)