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A Soundtrack For A Film

Heart Of Data


Released: 12th Oct 2018


limited indies only colour 4lp

Released: 12th Oct 2018



Released: 12th Oct 2018


the electronic duo prove the visionary scope of their creative powers with this 150-minute soundtrack to fritz lang’s silent movie sci-fi masterpiece, ‘metropolis’.

Factory Floor were originally commissioned by curator Chris Bell of London’s Science Museum, to write a live score for Fritz Lang’s 1927 silent cinematic landmark, ‘Metropolis’. Widely regarded as a pioneering work of science fiction, the film depicts a dystopian future where a city’s downtrodden, exploited underclass of workers secretly plot a revolt. The 150 minute brand new score. ***The box set includes the entire 2.5 reimagined score on four 12".*** Factory Floor are Gabriel Gurnsey & Nik Void, whose electronic improvisational style of performance has seen them at home in gallery spaces like Tate Modern, to clubs like fabric & Berghain to a remote volcanic Island of Stromboli in collaboration with artist Haroon Mirza.

A Soundtrack For A Film


  1. Metropolis'
  2. 'Beneath'
  3. ' Run'
  4. ' Father'
  5. 'Identity Switch'
  6. 'Circuit Senses'
  7. 'Babel'
  8. 'Cave'
  9. 'Wonder'
  10. 'Suspicious'
  11. 'Transform'
  12. 'Heart of Data'
  13. 'Find'
  14. 'Up Rise '
  15. 'Flood'
  16. 'Become'
  17. 'End'