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Jun Kamoda

Jun Kamoda

Black Acre Records


Released: 5th Oct 2018


House, disco and hip hop smashed together from cut&paste producer Jun Kamoda, who also raps in Japanese on a couple of the songs.

 Previous releases on Mister Saturday Night and Mallgrab’s Steel City Dance Discs, as well as two EPs on Black Acre.  For fans of Daphni, Avalanches and Beastie Boys.  Full colour vinyl sleeve by the painter Hisano (Jun’s wife) and cartoon booklet insert by Jun (who is also a cartoonist).

Jun Kamoda


  1. Surreal Tongue in Northern Osaka
  2. Nightmare Club
  3. Crush
  4. Hakoniwa Disco Strut
  5. Mt. Woo
  6. Gravity of Love
  7. Blooming Blues.o0O
  8. The Ruddy Sunset
  9. No Rhyme Nation