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harmonia mundi


Released: 9th Jun 2017

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The duo Sabil (Arabic for ‘path’) came together in 2011.

‘Zabad, Twilight Tide’ is their third album and first for the Harmonia Mundi world classical imprint Latitudes. For the first time the Palestinian duo of oud player Ahmad Al Khathib and percussionist Youssef Hbeisch expand the group with the addition of the Lebanese string maestro Elie Khoury on bouzouki and the French jazz bassist Hubert Dupont. Zabad means ‘effervescence’ and illustrates music that is at times contemplative yet reaches heights of exhilaration. Within the strictures of the Arabic musical system of maqamat (modal families), Sabil offer due reverence, yet rules are made to be broken and with ‘Zabad’ the musicians tacitly invite gentle transgression.



  1. Samai Part I
  2. Samai Part II
  3. Zabad
  4. Rast mode prelude
  5. Awalem
  6. Nahawand mode prelude
  7. Nothern Breeze
  8. Marakeb
  9. Afternoon Jam