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Rafiki Jazz

Har Dam Sahara



Released: 30th Jun 2017


this is an immensely powerful commentary on the issues of migration, refugees & human rights, combining the rhythms & traditions of musics from 4 continents with mesmerising results.

Undoubtedly the most diverse band in the UK, they perform compelling world music. A group of musicians spanning four continents with migrants & refugee artists at its heart, the group features a seamless coming together of some of the world's most distinctive folk instruments including the West African kora, Caribbean steelpan, Indian tabla, Brazilian berimbau & Arabic ney & oud. They particularly revel in drawing together Hebrew, Islamic & other Middle Eastern & Asian sources. 'You Are Light' is based on an 11th century Hebrew poem from the long cosmological masterpiece Keter Malchut. Rafiki Jazz's novel setting invokes a Hindi chandrakauns raag based around a tanpura drone.


Har Dam Sahara


  1. Sunno
  2. Saya
  3. Tasbih
  4. You Are Light
  5. Har Chand Sahara
  6. Jhooli Laal Qalandar
  7. Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba (Serigne Touba)