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Rio Mira

Marimba Del Pacifico



Released: 14th Jul 2017


a beguiling showcase of a protected sound heritage  – a celebration of a unique cultural history to be found nowhere else, euphorically blending afro-beats with latin American rhythms & grooves.

Rio Mira are a Marimba supergroup formed of Afro-Pacific bi-national heritage & consisting of some of the most in-demand & respected musicians from Colombia & Ecuador. Their music is the sonic rejoining of a historically, ecologically, & culturally connected region – ‘El Pacifico Sur’ - that has been divided by the state-borders of Ecuador & Colombia. It is in this densely populated area where the rhythms of Africa have entwined with the lilt & grooves of Colombia & Ecuador, & Marimba music has become firmly established – a sound so sacred it was added to UNESCO’s ‘Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ in 2015.


Marimba Del Pacifico


  1. Adios Morena
  2. Agua
  3. Guarapo
  4. Ninna Elena
  5. Roman Roman
  6. Aguacerito
  7. Patacore
  8. Torbellino
  9. Ronca Canalete
  10. Andarele
  11. Estaban Llorando
  12. Chikungunya