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Elza Soares

End Of The World Remixes

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cd + Original Album

Released: 30th Jun 2017


lp + download

Released: 30th Jun 2017


Mixing rock 'n' roll, free-jazz, noise & electronics, this was always going to be ripe for remixing, & this does not disappoint.

here, Lusophone producers - & 2 legends from NY & LDN – take ELZA's music into new dimensions. From London there was only one man to go to for a remix: ELZA's biggest fan, Gilles Peterson. Teaming up with Simbad, they turn ‘Pra fuder’ into a percussive monster. dj marfox adds his rapid-fire future-Afro-Lisbon polyrhythms to ‘Maria da Vila Matilde’ - & Nidia Minaj, who turns ‘Pra fuder’ into a dark & moody warehouse rattler. Soundway Records' iZem gives ‘O Canal’ a trippy Arabic feel whilst NY ambient guru Laraaji infuses the acapella ‘Coracao do mar’ with his trademark celestial vibes. Rio de Janeiro basshead Omulu sprinkles shards of funk-carioca to ‘Mulher do fim do mundo’.


End Of The World Remixes


  1. Coracao Do Mar (Laaraji Remix)
  2. Muhler Do Fim Mundo (Omulu Remix)
  3. Pra Fuder (Gilles Peterson & Simbad Remix)
  4. Firmeza (Marginal Men & Badsista Remix)
  5. Maria Da Vila Matilde (DJ Marfox Remix)
  6. Pra Fuder (Nidia Minaj Remix)
  7. O Canal (Izem Remix)
  8. Solto (Ricardo Dias Gomes Remix)
  9. Luz Vermelha (Kiko Dinucci Remix)**
  10. Coracao Do Mar**
  11. Muhler Do Fim Do Mundo**
  12. Maria Da Vila Matilde**
  13. Luz Vermehla**
  14. Pra Fuder**
  15. Benedita**
  16. Firmeza**
  17. Danca**
  18. O Canal**
  19. Solto**
  20. Comigo**/** cd only