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Samba Touré




Released: 18th May 2018


180g lp + download

Released: 18th May 2018


Sometimes the unexpected happens and it becomes a gift - call it Serendipity, good fortune or what you will : this was not the album toure set out to make, but turned out to be a wider reaching, more explosive and powerful statement than he's ever made before.

  Think of it as life handing you what you need, not what you thought you wanted. When M Touré was planning Wande (The Beloved), his third Glitterbeat release, he had strong ideas for the way it should sound. But once the sessions were over, he knew he had something entirely different, something even more satisfying: a collection of songs where warmth filled the grooves of every song. An album that seemed like home.



  1. Yo Pouhala / Blah Blah Blah / Hawah / Yerfara / We Are Tired
  2. Goy Boyro
  3. The Good Work (Well Done)
  4. Wande
  5. The Beloved
  6. Irganda
  7. It Is
  8. Our Land
  9. Mana Yero Koy
  10. Where To Go?
  11. Hayame
  12. Be Careful!
  13. Tribute To
  14. Zoumana Tereta