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six degrees


Released: 18th May 2018


This record bears witness to the wonderful connection between three string-instrument virtuosi, emblematic of their countries in Africa, but also of exceptional artists who share a musical passion, a reciprocal dialogue and a beautiful friendship.

Driven by the pleasure of a deep musical relationship, as well as a personal one, their reunions always enrich their solo careers. Percussionist Khalid Kouhen joins in on two tracks to add delicate pulses with his Pakistani percussions and Indian tablas and on two other tracks we can even hear Rajery, Driss and Ballak singing. But for the rest of the record, the string instruments reign and weave their magic alone. fans of trio da kali and boubacar traore must hear this!



  1. Anarouz
  2. Samedi Glace
  3. Anfaz
  4. Moustique
  5. Hanatra
  6. Lova
  7. Mariam
  8. Aretina
  9. Jiharka
  10. Awal