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Professor Rhythm

Professor 3

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Released: 1st Jun 2018



Released: 1st Jun 2018


this marks the first time that these 1991 mbaqanga and bubblegum dancefloor instrumentals have been made available outside of south Africa, which represent a vivid reflection of urban South Africa as apartheid was ending.

his third largely instrumental album portrays the moment when the dominant mbaqanga and American R&B-based bubblegum sounds being produced in the big cities were transforming into house and hip-hop-inspired kwaito. The pop of the 80’s—from the models of synths and drum machines to the lyrical style—gave way to a changing melodic emphasis and new, much slower tempos using a completely different rhythmic skeleton. Upbeat, chipper bubblegum, often with double-time breakdowns and upstroke syncopations, faded and the sounds began to more closely resemble those of contemporary Black America—where hip-hop was slowing down and the bass-lines and melodies were getting moodier, darker in general.

Professor 3


  1. Uskamosothotsa (04:57)
  2. Ubohisa Kanna (04:38)
  3. Via Zimbabwe (05:06)
  4. Raditaba (Nozindaba) (04:53)
  5. Professor 3 (04:56)
  6. Zabalaza