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Expected Release: 22nd Jun 2018


Toure Kunda the elephants of African music, are back.

Not that they ever really left, but after an international career lasting forty years, they needed to renew their energy. And what better place to do this than in the heart of Casamance, where the incredible saga of the elephant family (Toure Kunda in soninke) took root? It's from this region in southern Senegal, between savannah and mangroves, that the brothers left for France. Pioneers of African music in France at the end of the 70s, Touré Kunda are one of the key and essential groups of the new multicultural France which shines today and which goes far beyond music. An infectious blend of African, Latin, Brazilian, reggae, and pop rhythms have made Toure Kunda one of the most successful bands to come out of Africa Toure Kunda became pioneers. Forerunners of the World Music phenomenon, they will be the first group to perform in the immense Pantin Hippodrome. The first to organise a mega tour in Africa (cf the Paris-Ziguinchor album). The first to spice up their music using new technologies (cf the Natalia album, with the mythical producer Bill Laswell). The first Africans to have an impact in Japan. These sons of Ziguinchor, fed on James Brown, Led Zepplin, Brassens or Credence Clearwater. And so to the songs on this new album, which has been polished over a long period and recorded in "village studio" conditions to preserve the essence of life, evoke the loss of values for confused generations. These collective values that Toure Kunda have always defended and which are symbolised by the djambaadong , "dance of the leaves", whose pulsating rhythms mark the passage from childhood to adulthood.