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Super Elcados

Togetherness Is Always A Good Venture (Tambourine Party V2)

mr bongo


Released: 29th Jun 2018



Released: 29th Jun 2018


this reissue of their ultra-rare debut album will delight anyone who’s a fan of the recent-ish ‘nigeria soul fever’ comp: a warm and euphoric set of dancefloor-ready tracks to boogie with.

this is A fusion of heavyweight Nigerian funk, soul & disco, originally released by EMI Nigeria in 1976. The ‘Super Elcados’ (and ‘Elcados’ on other recordings) recorded three albums in the mid and late-70’s; this is their first. It was followed by ‘This World Is Full Of Injustice’ and ‘What Ever You Need’.

Togetherness Is Always A Good Venture (Tambourine Party V2)


  1. Tambourine Party
  2. Afro Funk
  3. Xray Gun
  4. How Much I Love You
  5. Ejole
  6. TributeTo Murtala Mohammed
  7. Get Up And Do It Good
  8. Price Of Fame