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old dominion




Released: 25th Aug 2017


the Nashville five-piece bring the country/rock genre to the present day with relevant themes draped against lively, addictive music.

Now a chart-topping band, it can be easy to forget that its members were once just a group of individual songwriters trying to navigate Nashville's music industry, playing tiny bars and hoping their songs would catch the right ears. this record showcases the group's confidence with incorporating pop and rock touches into easily digestible, radio-friendly modern country. these songs burst with big hooks and clever wordplay, along with lyrical reference points that don't feel moored to a time before smartphones.




  1. No Such Thing as a Broken Heart
  2. Shoe Shopping
  3. Not Everything's About You
  4. Hotel Key
  5. Be with Me
  6. Written in the Sand
  7. So You Go
  8. Stars in the City
  9. New York at Night
  10. A Girl Is a Gun
  11. Still Writing Songs About You
  12. Can't Get You (Live)