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Eilen Jewell

Down Hearted Blues

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Released: 22nd Sep 2017


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Released: 22nd Sep 2017


Eilen Jewell steps back in time to unearth 12 vintage blues gems written or made famous by an array of artists, from Willie Dixon and Memphis Minnie to Charles Sheffield and Betty James and carries them off with a delightful swaggering ease.

Recorded live and in just two days, ‘Down Hearted Blues’ finds her making each song her own, while paying homage to her beloved inspirations. “We really love to uncover the past. It’s almost like digging for buried treasure,” Jewell says, “For me, that’s where music is at. I like all kinds of music as long as there’s the word ‘early’ in front of it”. well worth checking out the superb ‘american epic’ series to discover more excellent antiquated blues buried by time.


Down Hearted Blues


  1. It’s Your Voodoo Working
  2. Another Night To Cry
  3. You’ll Be Mine
  4. Down Hearted Blues
  5. I’m A Litt le Mixed Up
  6. You Gonna Miss Me
  7. Walking With Frankie
  8. Nothing In Rambling
  9. Don’t Leave Poor Me
  10. Crazy Mixed Up World
  11. You Know My Love
  12. The Poor Girls Story